Sharing documents and items

Here’s a simple way to share an item with another NOW Privacy user.

It’s useful, for example, when you’re working in a team on the same datasets.

Suppose User A finds a document and wants User B to take a look at it.

User A

Suppose that User A has run a search and found some interesting data. They can:

  1. Select one item

  2. In the metadata for that item, select the Metadata tab

  3. Open the Other category

  4. Copy the Document Id to the clipboard

    Here’s an example of a document id:


  5. Send that document id to User B

User B

User B can:

  1. Select Search from the main menu

  2. In the Search Type dropdown, select Simple Search

  3. Paste the document id into the search box

  4. Click Search

NOW Privacy will find just one item, the one that matches that unique id.