Visualising search results

The result of a search is a table. Each row is one item and you can choose the data you want to display in the columns.

You can also visualise these results in:

  • bar charts

  • pie charts

  • age charts

  • locations charts

  • word clouds

Creating a first visualisation

To create a first visualisation:

  1. Click ViewShow Visualisation results

  2. Choose a visualisation type

    For example, you might choose a bar chart

  3. Choose the metadata field you want to display in the visualisation

    For example, you might choose File Size from the Common category

  4. Check the export information and click Create Export.

You will receive a notification when the export is ready for download.

Creating more visualisations

To create another visualisation:

  1. From the Chart menu, choose a visualisation type

  2. Continue as you did with the first visualisation

Deleting a visualisation

To delete a visualisation:

  1. Click the menu in the top right corner of the visualisation

  2. Click Remove this chart