Exporting results

To export the results of a search:

  1. Click ExportExport results

  2. In the Export All Results dialog, choose:

    • Data - to see the rows that matched the search

    • Data with matches - to see the rows that matched and also the reasons for each match

    • Summary - to see a summary of the results

    Then click Next

  3. Type a password and click Next

    When you download the export as a compressed file, you’ll need this password to open the file

    The password must:

    • contain at least one number

    • be at least 8 characters long

  4. Check the export information and click Create Export

You will receive a notification when the export is ready for download.

Downloading the export

When you see the notification:

  1. Click the notifications bell icon

  2. In Export jobs, click view all

    Exonar displays a list of all the complete exports

  3. Click Download for the export you want to download