Finding similar items

A successful search returns a set of items. You can select one of them and then search for other items that are similar to the one you chose.

To find similar items:

  1. Run a search

  2. Select one item

  3. Click the Similar Files tab

Exonar displays a list of all the similar items it can find. Similar items are not the same as duplicates.

Each item has a Confidence score that shows how similar it is to the original item you selected. The items with the highest confidence score are listed first. For ease of use the score is normalised between 0% and 100%.

How is the confidence score determined?

We analyse the document, identify words and phrases which are disproportionately significant, and then identify other documents where those words and phrases are also disproportionately significant.

A score of 100% indicates those phrases are at least as significant in the matched document as the original.

You can use advanced search to find identical items.

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