Kinds of document

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Things to consider

  • When searching for kinds of document, it is important to have a clear understanding of the document type you’re looking for.

  • It might be as simple as a file extension, and perhaps a file size. Sometimes it’s a bit more complex; documents containing a specific phrase, for example.

  • If a document is typically created from a template which you know the location of, it is often easiest to use NOW Privacy to find the template, and use the find similar feature.

  • If your database schemas have a specific field that can be used, it is possible to create a custom field from your database crawls which you can then search separately.

Note for advanced users

Sometimes documents have a specific identifier that has a known format and is distinctive within your business. Custom rules can enable you to mark and count those in a similar way to how the platform natively handles credit cards and National id numbers.

Our Support team is available to help you with this functionality.

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