Pieces of information

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Things to consider

  • We’re assuming that you have already ingested your data.

  • In order to pick out specific pieces of information, you have to determine what the data is related to.

  • For example, if you’re looking for an individual’s address, it might start with a search for their name.

  • It might also be useful to use the word “address” in your search, or search for terms that might be found in letters; for example: “Dear John Smith…”

  • Do you have a data store where specific kinds of data are kept? That might be a useful way to distinguish target information pieces.

  • It is possible to upload query files, and to generate these programatically, if you have programming expertise available.


Think about the situation where you’re looking for this data for 1000 people:

  • name

  • national id number

  • email address


  • you’re looking for 1000 individuals

  • you want to find every item that has at least two of the three things in your search; that is:

    • name and national id number, or

    • name and email address, or

    • national id number and email address

It is extremely hard, at present, to perform this task repetitively.

However, you might find it a useful approximation to create many-termed queries on the relevant fields.

Kinds of information

Let’s get cooking

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