Kinds of information

Who doesn’t love coriander?


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Things to consider

  • The platform comes with many kinds of specialist data detection; for example: national ID numbers, credit cards, and email addresses.

  • The Risk dashboard helps you configure special risk categories so that you can reduce your overall risk profile in your data estate.

  • Take a look at the fields you can use in your searches.

  • If you are aware of a specific identifier that follows a known format and is distinctive within your business, custom rules can help. They enable you to mark and count items in a similar way to the platform’s native handling of credit cards and national id numbers. You need to set up your custom rules before you crawl your data.

  • If your database schemas have a specific field that can be used, it is also possible to create a custom field from your database crawls which can then be searched separately in your instance of the platform.

Let’s get cooking

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