Configuring the Risk dashboard

The Risk dashboard shows stored information that’s likely to conflict with your data risk policies.

To access the configuration dialog box:

  1. From the main menu select System

  2. Click Risk Categories

    NOW Privacy shows you the list of item types that the Risk dashboard looks for:

    • credit card data

    • email data

    • National ID numbers

    • telephone numbers

    • people’s names

  3. Click one of those categories

    Suppose we click the email address type

Setting the low, medium, and high item counts

  1. Select the Criteria tab

  2. Adjust the low, medium, and high boundaries

    You can tune them to work with your policies and data

  3. Click Update

Creating whitelists

Keep in mind that there are acceptable places to store sensitive data. For example, it is probably legitimate to store email addresses with your HR documents.

You can add locations to a white list so that items stored in safe places don’t appear on the Risk dashboard.

  1. Select the White List tab

  2. Type the path you want NOW Privacy to ignore

  3. Click Update