Controlling the vault

To be able to interact with your data stores, Exonar needs to store credentials. To ensure we do this securely, the Exonar vault encrypts all credentials before they’re written to disk.

For ease-of-use, we generate a unique random key automatically when we install Exonar. We store that key on disk. The key allows the vault to unlock automatically.

If you want to increase your security by maintaining the key in a secure store elsewhere, you can replace the default key with one of your own.

If you change the key from the default, and then lose the new key, Exonar will not be able to recover crawl configurations and you will need to re-enter all credentials.

You need to have one of these roles:

  • SecurityManager

  • EnhancedSecurityManager

Modifying the vault’s secret keys is an advanced activity. Please contact the Exonar Support team before you make any changes.

Changing the master key

  1. Click Change Master Key

  2. If you already have a master key, copy it into the Change Master Key dialog

  3. Click Change Master Key

    Exonar generates a new master key for you

  4. Copy the new master key and keep it somewhere safe

  5. Type CONFIRM to continue

  6. Click Confirm Change