Creating a workflow

Get started

To create an automated workflow:

  1. From the main menu select Automated Workflows

  2. Click New Workflow

  3. Type a name and description for your workflow and click Next

  4. Choose one of our example searches or one of your saved searches and click Next

Choose a schedule

You can schedule a workflow to run automatically or you can run it manually on demand.

  1. Check the Run this workflow automatically on a schedule box

  2. Set This workflow will run to daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly

    Or, if you want to run the workflow manually uncheck Run this workflow automatically on a schedule

  3. Click Next

Choose an action

You have the option to take action on the items NOW Privacy finds.

  1. Check Perform actions on items found

    In Available Actions, choose the action you want to apply to each item.

    In NOW Privacy 4.0, one action is available: Tag

    Type the tag you want to apply.

  2. Or if you just want to see the items NOW Privacy finds, uncheck Perform actions on items found

  3. Click Next

Choose your notifications

You have the option to add notifications. Each time the workflow run it can send you an email summary or add a notification that you’ll see next time you log in.

  1. Check Notify me of items this workflow finds when I log in if you want to receive notification in NOW Privacy

  2. Check Send me an email when this workflow finds items to receive an email when each workflow runs

  3. Click Next

It’s good to share

You have the option to share your workflow with other NOW Privacy users.

  1. Check Share this workflow with other platform users

  2. Click Find Users

  3. Click View for each user you want to be able to see your workflow

  4. Click Can Edit for each user you want to be able to edit your workflow

  5. Click Notify for each user you want to receive notifications when the workflow runs

  6. Click Email for each user you want to receive email alerts when the workflow runs

  7. Click Update and Close to save your choices and then click Next

Customise the email

We provide a standard email template. You can edit the From, Subject, and Body fields.

There are some variables that inject details about your workflow into the email:

  • $[FlowName]

  • $[ItemSetCount]

  1. Edit the email and click Next

If you need more customisation we can modify the email template for you. Contact our Support team for more information.

Confirm your choices

NOW Privacy displays the New Workflow Confirmation dialog.

  1. Check the details and click Create Workflow