Running NOW Privacy

The next steps are:

  1. Log in to NOW Privacy

  2. Connect to your data

  3. Begin to use NOW Privacy’s dashboards and search

Logging in

The last step of the installation process gave you a URL. To log in:

  1. Open a browser and visit that URL

We don’t know your environment so we cannot generate an SSL certificate. That means your browser might give a security warning.

Don’t be alarmed. It is safe to continue.

  1. Log in with:

    Username: exonaradmin

    Password: ExonarIsGreat!

  2. Change your password the first time you log in

    You’ll be prompted to make this change

    Note: you’ll need the password each time you log in

Connecting to your data

You need to connect NOW Privacy to your data. To do this you need to configure a Data Source. Some common data sources are:

To create a new data source:

  1. From the main menu select Data Sources

  2. Select New…New Data Source

  3. Add the new data source to the Default dataset that has been pre-created

    Add the new data source to the **Default** dataset

    The exonaradmin user has permission to access this dataset

    In production, datasets might be, for example: Legal, HR, Marketing

  4. Choose your data source type

    Choose your data source type
  5. Configure your data source. For example:

    Configure your data source