Enterprise Vault

Create a user in Active Directory

  1. Create a Windows Active Directory user that the crawl will run as.

  2. Give the user permissions to read the archives you want to crawl.

Set up EV permissions

You need to grant read access to this new user on every archive you will crawl. To do this you can use:

  • Enterprise Vault Policy Manager

  • Enterprise Vault Administration Console

Create the data source in NOW Privacy

  1. From the main menu select Data Sources

  2. Click NewNew Data Source

  3. In the New Data Source dialog, select the dataset this new data source will belong to by:

    1. choosing an existing dataset from the dropdown, or

    2. clicking Add to new Data Set and typing the name of your dataset

      If you use option 3b, remember to add the dataset to at least one security group. If you don’t, no users will be able to see the data from this data source.

  4. Click Next

  5. Select the data source and click Next

  6. Enter the credentials and details for the data source and click Next



User Name

A user with read permissions to the Enterprise Vault archives you want to crawl.


The password for the user.


The domain for the user.

HTTP Protocol


Service Host

The IP address or fully qualified domain name to the target server. Example: enterprisevault.mydomain.local

  1. Select the country for this data source and click Next

    The country is used in geographical visualisations

  2. Optionally, click Add Custom Description

    This allows you to use you own description for this data source, rather than accept the default description that NOW Privacy provides

  3. Set the Crawl priority

  4. Specify whether you want to crawl once or continuously

  5. Click Start Crawl Immediately if you want to crawl the data right now

    Or you can start a crawl manually anytime you want

  6. Click Create Data Source