Register a new application using the Azure Portal


This operation requires administrator privileges within the Azure portal.

The Office 365 data sources use the standard Microsoft Graph API to handle data retrieval. This requires the creation of a new application within Azure.


To create a new Application ID in Azure:

  1. Log in to as a user with admin privileges

  2. From the left-hand menu select Azure Active Directory

  3. Select App registrationNew registration

  4. Give the Application a name and select Accounts in this organizational directory only (directory name)

  5. Select Register

  6. From the left-hand menu, select API permissions

  7. Select Add a permission

  8. Select Microsoft Graph

  9. Select Application permissions

  10. Type the Permission Name into the search field then select the permission

The Microsoft Graph permissions for OneDrive 365 are:

API/Permissions name



Read directory data


Read files in all site collections

  1. After you’ve selected all the permissions, click Add Permissions

  2. After you’ve added all the permissions, select Grant admin consent for directory name

  3. From the left-hand menu, select Certificates & secrets

  4. Under the Client secrets section, click New client secret

  5. Provide a description for the client secret you are creating (for example, NOW Privacy Platform) and the expiration time for that secret

  6. Select Add

  7. Locate the row for the newly created Client Secret in the table presented in the Client secrets section

  8. Make a note of the text presented in the Value column

    This is the Client secret to authenticate the application with Azure for authentication purposes


    Once you navigate away from this page, this value will not be displayed again. If lost, you will have to remove the client secret and create a new one.

  9. From the left-hand menu, select Overview

  10. Make a note of the Application (client) ID presented. This is the ID of the application you’ll use when you configure a 365-driven data source

  11. Make a note of the Directory (Tenant) ID presented. This is the ID of the Microsoft tenant you’ll use when you configure a 365-driven data source

The NOW Privacy administrator will ask you for these three values:



Application (Client) ID

The id of the application allocated in the Azure portal for the crawler. For example: 123a456b-c7d8-e9a7-b7c2-d3e7a5b7c7d7.

Client Secret

A password for the application Id.

Directory (Tenant) ID

The unique Id for the Microsoft tenant. For example: 123a456b-c7d8-e9a7-b7c2-d3e7a5b7c7d9.