Data Overview dashboard


The Data Overview dashboard has a set of charts that show a general overview of your data.

You can drill down by clicking on a chart. For example, if you click 1-10Kb on the Files by Size chart, the dashboard changes; it will show only files that are no larger than 10 KB.

Look at the breadcrumbs regularly. Breadcrumbs are your friends.

Total data


Shows basic statistics for the data currently displayed on the dashboard.

  • The total file size

  • The total number of files

As you drill down into the data by clicking on the charts, these figures change. They always represent the data the dashboard is showing.

Files by size

Bar chart showing file sizes.


Files by last modification age

Bar chart showing when files were last modified. For example, the dashboard might show that you have many files that have not been modified for more than five years.


Files by type

Bar chart showing file types. For example:

  • documents

  • email messages

  • PDF files

  • spreadsheets


Results by dataset

Bar chart showing the distribution of files in the datasets that you’ve created.


Results by location

Treemap showing the location of the data. At the top level you see the data source type such as File Share or Database.

As you drill down you see the digital location of the data, depending on the data source type. For example, for shared files you see the folder path.


When you reach a ‘leaf’ in the tree, where you cannot drill down any further, the treemap colour changes from blue to orange.


Word cloud showing the most common topics in your data.


Files by author

Bar chart showing the top authors of content.


Content sources

Bar chart showing data source types.



Pie chart showing a breakdown of encrypted and unencrypted files.



Bar chart showing the most common tags.