Answer 3

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How many emails can you find that were sent by Christopher Taylor?


If you search for Christopher Taylor in the Sender Name field, you will potentially find false positives because there may be several people with the same name. A good way to handle this situation is:

  • Search for the person by name

  • From those results, find their email address

  • Search for the person by email address

  1. In Query Builder, drag Sender name from the Email category onto the canvas

  2. Select Matches any of the Words

  3. Type: Christopher Taylor

  4. Click Search

  5. Inspect the results and find Christopher Taylor’s email address

  6. Start a new query in Query Builder

  7. Drag Sender Address onto the canvas

  8. Select Matches the phrase

  9. Type Christopher Taylor’s email address

  10. Click Search

Keep in mind: Christopher Taylor might have more than one email address. You might decide to:

  1. drag another Sender Address field onto the canvas next to the first

  2. click the Boolean that links these two fields to make it an OR