Answer 1

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On this page we show techniques to find the answers. We don’t provide absolute answers because the data might change over time, or your user account might not have access to the same data that we see.


How many PDF documents can you find about “Michael Lynton” that have not been modified in the last 5 years?

Hint: You can use the Boolean NOT operator


  1. Create a new advanced search

  2. Drag Content Type from the Common category onto the canvas

  3. Choose Matches any of the words and type PDF

  4. Drag Body from the Common category onto the canvas

  5. Choose Matches the Phrase and type Michael Lynton

  6. Drag File Last Modified from the File System category onto the canvas

  7. Click Date Range to change it to Relative Date

  8. Choose a relative start date of Last 5 years

  9. Leave the end date as Up to: Now

  10. Click the green plus symbol to the left of File Last Modified to negate the condition

  11. Click Search