Using Query Builder

Query Builder is a graphical tool for advanced search.

Here’s an 8-step tutorial to get you started.

Build a query to find PDF files that mention passwords

  1. From the main menu select Search

  2. Click Advanced Search

  3. Make sure that the Common category is open

    If it isn’t open, click the + sign next to Common

    This shows you the fields in that category that you can filter

  4. Drag the Body field onto the canvas

    The canvas
  5. In the search box, type ‘password’

    Don’t include the single quotes

  6. From the Common category, drag the File Type field onto the canvas

  7. In the search box, type ‘pdf’

    The query completed
  8. Click Search to run the query

    The query results

Your output should look something like this:

The query results

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