Understanding access permissions

What are access permissions?

Exonar needs access permissions to read data. For example:

  • to work with a File Share you share some folders

  • to work with a database table you supply a username and password

Is that a problem?

No, but…

If you take away Exonar's access permissions to any of the data, Exonar deletes its own copy of that data.

When does this happen?

When you first crawl a data source, Exonar becomes aware of the items it finds.

If you take away any access permissions, Exonar can not see those items any more. Exonar thinks the data has ‘gone away’.

If you don’t crawl that data source again, nothing changes.

If you do crawl that data source again, Exonar deletes its own copy of the items it can no longer see.

How do I fix things?

  1. Re-grant access permissions

  2. Run a crawl again manually. Exonar will re-ingest the items that ‘disappeared’.

    Or if the crawler is set to run continuously, you can simply wait until it runs again.


It’s best to avoid this situation. Crawling a large body of data might take a long time.