Using telemetry

Use the Telemetry page to see reports on important platform details and metrics.

The platform automatically generates a new report every month covering the previous 30 days.

You can also generate a report manually any time you want.

The report contains technical information for a technical audience.

Accessing this page

  1. From the main menu, click System

  2. In the General section, click Telemetry

It’s visible to users who have the Security Manager role

If you have this role, you can see all telemetry reports.

Viewing a report

Click on any report to view it.

This tab:

Shows this information:


General report and platform details


Operating system and disks

Item statistics

Statistics for data sources that have been fully or partially ingested

Search statistics

Counts of the searches that have run

License details

License details, usage, and crawler limits

User statistics

Logins and account details

Generating a new report

You can manually generate a new report whenever you want.

It can cover:

  • the last 30 days, just like an auto-generated report

  • any time interval you choose

To generate a new report:

  1. Click the blue + icon

  2. In the New Telemetry Report dialog, click Last 30 days or Custom

  3. If you chose a custom report, set the start and end dates

  4. Click Generate

  5. Optionally, click Download Report

Downloading reports

To download a report:

  1. Select it

  2. Click Download Report

Deleting reports

The system automatically deletes reports older than 90 days. It deletes all reports, regardless of the user that created them. You cannot manually delete reports.

Understanding the time window

Every report covers a time window:

  • Reports that NOW Privacy generates cover a time window of 30 days

  • Reports that a user generates cover either 30 days or a custom time window

For most of the tabs in the report, the data shows the status at the moment when the report was generated.

On the Search Statistics and User Statistics tabs, most of the data relates to the time window for the report.