Using system overview

Use the System overview page to see a summary of information about the hardware, software, and network you’re using with NOW Privacy.

It shows technical information for a technical audience.

Accessing this page

  1. From the main menu, click System

  2. In the General section, click System Overview

Who can see this page?

It’s visible to users who have one of these roles:

  • Security Manager

  • Crawl Manager

  • Auditor

Refreshing the page

The data on this page does not automatically update. Click Refresh to update the statistics.

System information

Click the Operating System tab to see the:

  • operating system and version

  • the kernel version of the operating system

  • the time since the host was powered up

Click the Region tab to see the:

  • local date and time

  • the configured time zone

Click the Processors tab to see details of each procesor:

  • ID

  • type

  • current load

Click the Memory to see the:

  • total available memory

  • memory currently in use

Click the Storage tab to see the:

  • name assigned to each physical disk

  • mount associated with the physical disk

  • total size of the disk

  • amount of space in use

Network information

Click the IP tab to see the:

  • internal and external IP addresses

  • Subnet mask associated the IP address

Click the DNS tab to see the:

  • IP addresses of configured DNS name servers

  • Search domains

Click the SSL tab to see the:

  • Valid from date

  • Valid to date

  • Issuer

  • Subject