What are metadata fields?

When you look at a item in NOW Privacy you can see its metadata fields. There are more than 90 fields. For example:

  • the size of the file

  • the type of the file

  • a list of postal codes found in the file

  • a list of telephone numbers found in the file

Where does the metadata come from?

Some of this data is supplied by the data source itself. For example, every file has a file name.

Some fields are found when NOW Privacy looks at the content of the file. For example, if the system finds a list of 16-digit numbers, it can look at the format to determine whether they might be credit card numbers.

There is one special metadata field: tags.

It’s a special field because YOU supply the values.

You can tag items with any values you like:

  • Paris office HR

  • Suspected credit card numbers

  • New starter form

  • 1729

  • File not modified for a very long time

  • Contains things that appear to be social security numbers


Tags are stored with the data in NOW Privacy. We don’t write tags back to your original data source.