Metadata fields

Every file has metadata; the name of the file is an obvious example, or the size. On this page we list all the metadata fields. Click any of them to see more detail.

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We include example searches where they’re helpful.




File System

Personal Information


Data source: Enterprise Vault

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There are two types of field:

  • Native metadata fields are a property of the file itself.

    For example, the author of the file.

  • Non-native metadata fields contain data that we’ve discovered in the file.

    For example, a list of credit card numbers in the body of a file.

more You can search on any of these fields using Query Builder.


Each metadata field page shows you:


Every field belongs to a category:

  • Common

  • Database

  • Email

  • File System

  • Personal Information

  • Other

  • Enterprise Vault

  • Custom

Data type

  • string

  • list of strings

  • number

  • date

  • boolean

  • other

Table view

Can the value appear in a list of search results? Typically, we don’t display fields that are long lists (credit card numbers, for example).


Sample values you would see in the field.


If we take a field’s value from the file it is native. If we compute the value it is not native. For example, file size is a native field. Telephone numbers are not native because NOW Privacy detects them automatically.


Can the field be included in an export?