Creating a data sources bulk upload file

You can define one or more data sources in a text file and load those definitions to create data source in bulk.

To create a bulk upload text file:

  1. Open a blank text file in an editor

  2. Define the version number first

    For NOW Privacy up to 4.3.2, the version number is 2.0

    For 4.4.0 onwards you can use 2.0. Or if you want to include custom descriptions, use version 2.1.

    Place it in a comment in the first two lines like this:

    # Upload multiple data sources
    # file version: 2.1
  1. Choose the type of the first data source you want to define in this file

    Each data source has unique requirements, so it has its own format

    For example, the format for a file share data source looks like this:

    # Windows File Share
    # To add this type of data source the following values in a row need to be added:
    #    Type: smb2 //NB: The first value in the row has to equal 'smb2' to add this type of data source
    #    Domain: text (required)
    #    User Name: text (required)
    #    Password: password (required)
    #    Server: text (required)
    #    Share: text (required)
    #    Path: text (required)
    #    Data Set: string (optional i.e. empty)
    #    Location: string (optional i.e. empty)
    #    Crawler: string (optional i.e. empty)
    #    Priority: float 0.1 - 1.0 (optional i.e. empty)
    #    Continuous: boolean (optional i.e. empty)
    #    Start: boolean (optional i.e. empty)
    #    Description: unique string (optional i.e. empty)
  2. Download a template to see examples for every data source.

  3. Fill in the required fields

  4. Fill in any of the optional fields that you want to use

    Scroll down this page for more information

Here’s an example containing a File Share data source and an Exchange data source:

smb2, Domain, User Name, Password, Server, Share, Path, MyDataSet, GB, Default, 0.2, true, false
exchange, Exchange User, Exchange Password, Directory User, Directory Password, https, Exchange Server, Directory Server, Mailbox, MyDa$


These notes contain advice on how to fill in the fields in this file.


The type of data source you’re defining.

Use this type:

To create this kind of data source


File Share


Microsoft Exchange


SharePoint on premise 2013+ (Beta)


Enterprise Vault


SharePoint 2007 and 2010 (Beta)


Google Drive


Office 365 or OneDrive


The name of an existing dataset to use with this new data source.

If you don’t know which dataset you’ll use, you came type anything in this field. When you load the file into the platform, it will recognise that the dataset doesn’t exist and it will prompt you to select a dataset from a dropdown list.


The code for the geographical location for this data source. For example:

  • GB = United Kingdom

  • US = United States

  • CA = Canada

  • NL = Netherlands

  • IT = Italy

  • PT = Portugal

  • FR = France

They’re ISO-3166 codes. You can find a complete list on Wikipedia.


For NOW Privacy version 4.4.0 onwards, leave this fields blank. It will default to the correct value.


A value between 0.1 and 1. It defaults to 0.5.


Set this to false to crawl just once.

Set this to true to crawl continuously.


Set this to true to begin crawling as soon as you successfully load this data source definition.


You have to set the version at the start of this file to 2.1 to use this field.

When the version is 2.1, this field is optional.

Here’s an example of a file share that omits the priority and description fields:

# Upload multiple data sources
# file version: 2.1
smb2, Domain, User Name, Password, Server, Share, Path, MyDataSet, GB, Default, , true, false,