Selecting Items for Remediation [Beta]

  1. From the Main MenuSearch

  2. Select the Search Type, then build and perform a search to find items that you wish to submit for removal using the Remediation [Beta] feature.

  3. From the results menu, select RemediationEnable Remediation

  4. The results tabs will now include an All Removable tab, this shows the subset of items from your search that are eligible for removal [1] [2].

  5. From the All Removable tab, select items for removal and press the Add To Remediation + button to include them in the Remediation [Beta] job.

  6. To remove items from the Remediation [Beta] job, you can select items and press the Remove From Remediation - button.

  7. To see the current list of items selected for removal see: Reviewing Items Selected for Remediation [Beta]